Left On Read?   

Do you ever feel like you’re left on read? You know, when you send someone a message and you can see that it has been read but, they don’t respond? Does life feel like that for you too? Mine does!    Glow friend, YOU, are not alone! Sadly, we all leave people on read. I’m sure you’re probably wondering how, so let me explain.  Do you see your friends and family? I mean really, really see them? Do you see the way they walk, t alk, the lines in their face, the color of their hair? Do they talk as much? Do they walk slower or talk with out as much spunk as they used too? Is their hair getting grayer or less fixed?   You see? Are we really reading the messages they are sending without even knowing it? Are we paying attention?   Look around you today and notice something in someone. Don’t leave them on read! Let’s help each other and respond to each other.  Do a nice gesture for someone.  If we all gave a little kind gesture to each other, wouldn’t someone’s world be a better place for at least just a little while?   Go GLOW friends!  

♥ Jules